Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wig Wednesday

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By Isabelle
On Wednesday the 22nd of June, 5 students ran an event called ‘Wig Wednesday’, Wig Wednesday is an annual event that schools all around Auckland run, Wig Wednesday is a fundraiser for child cancer.

People donated heaps of baking for the bake sale, we couldn’t even fit all of it on the bench at one time! That morning at school we told the whole school that we will be selling the baking before school, at morning tea and lunch. Five minutes later while we were setting up people started flooding in, fortunately we had just the right amount of change from the guess the jelly beans. We were extremely fortunate that we had heaps of baking for before school, morning tea, lunch and we still had heaps of leftovers for the end of the day that we gave them out for free.

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There wasn’t many people who took part in the guess the jellybeans competition, there was only about 10 - 15 took people who took a guess, in the small jar there were 227 jellybeans and in  the big jar there was 396 Jellybeans. We raised about $50 - 60 from the guess the jellybeans competition.

We learnt new lessons all throughout the day, "we were stressed and not treating the customers nicely in the morning because we were disorganised" according to Rylee. After this "we gave out jobs to each other like taking orders, giving change and giving out orders", reported Isabelle. Overall, we thought the day ran quite well. At the end of the day we raised $429.50.
LC4 students counting the money from fundraising.


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  1. You raised a lot of money.good job!!!:)