Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Amazing Race

               The Amazing Race
By Saxon

LC4 students walking around the Hobsonville Point Wharf area
 during the Amazing Race.
On Wednesday the 8th of June 2016 (I am not sure that the date is right), about half the class spent the morning doing the Amazing Race. In the amazing race, you have to do puzzles (but you might have had a time limit, depending on the puzzle). You had to solve it to move on. In the race you went around the park outside HPPS, bomb point, the ferry and HPPS itself.

At the start, you had to answer a quiz to see who will leave first, second and third. The blue team got to go first, then a minute later the yellow team left. Four minutes later the green team left. The yellow team managed to catch up to the blue team and do the challenge first. The challenge was that you had to find the puzzle peices in the Catalina cafe park, then you had to put them together. Then the blue team managed to leave first and the green team caught up to the yellow team. The yellow team left and the beat the blue team, and did the bike challenge. In the bike challenge you had to go down the course and then get to the bomb point gate. The yellow team were still in the lead.

Tome, a teacher at the high school, awards Amazing Race
certificates to students from LC4
Then they had to do a challenge where you had to find 3 bike parts. The bike parts were a reflector, a wire and a seat. The seat and the wire were on the ground. The reflector was high up but within reach if you climbed up. The yellow team were still in the lead but green were 2nd and blue 3rd. Then the next challenge was to ride on a bike with a glass of water, without spilling much of the water. The last challenge was the the juice pong. In juice pong you had to get 3 ping pong balls in the cup. It was the hardest challenge in the Amazing race. Yellow managed to complete it and finished in first place. Green arrived at the pong challenge next. They completed it but did not come to the finish line. Blue arrived and completed it and ran to the finish line. Green thought they had come 2nd but all of blue’s team came to the finish line before them. The scores were, yellow in first place, blue in second place and green in third. Yellow got a special certificate and blue and green got a normal certificate. Then a 2 people out of the 3 teams got another award for being the best performing out of their team.

Overall, everybody had a lot of fun and learnt about safety around cars and active transport.

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