Friday, 29 July 2016

Term 3

Welcome back for an exciting new term.

We hope you've all had a refreshing break with your children and had a chance to make some memories. 2016 has been a busy time for LC4 and we're looking forward to sharing some of their highlights via this class blog shortly.

During the holidays we met to make some changes to the LC4 set up that we are sure will improve the experience for our learners. 

Lisa is going to be joining Nicole and Reid in LC4 for part of the day. This means that we will be able to offer more target workshops for reading, writing and numeracy. Our plan is to ensure that there are more student led workshops also, we call these PINs (Passions, Interests, Needs) and there will still be room for responsive workshops that can cover strand maths, spelling, project needs and the like. 

Several LC4 students ran PINs workshops last term for LC1, however, we ran a refresher course for our students earlier this week to remind the class about choosing a topic/idea and planning for the workshop. We've already had several plans submitted and are looking forward to students sharing their passions and expertise with their peers.

Another change we've made is to introduce a Trust License system to cover three key areas within LC4, planning, devices and movement around the school during learning time. The aim of the system is to support our learners to make better decisions in their planning, achieving a balance of device/book time and what they're using the breakout spaces for. We've based the Trust Licenses on a the driver license model, that is, Beginners/Restricted/Full. Already this week the licenses have provided a great source of conversation and has resulted in many positive changes. 

The students felt that we needed to make some further changes as we shared some problems from last term and as a result of the Trust License system. Several of them have redesigned the layout, changed artwork, found places to hang the trust license lanyards, store equipment and work is continuing on the naming of the different spaces and a roster for all the jobs in LC4. Thanks to Lauren, Isabelle, Indi, Louis, Saxon, Jack, Aaron, Rhiannon, Rylee, Martina, Radha, Laura, Lucas, Sari, Natasha,  Anesue, Arman, Myer and Cohen for all your efforts redesigning LC4.

4 new students have joined us this term and so we started the week off with some great team building activities. It was a great way to introduce new students to others in LC4 and encouraged risk taking, communication and team building. The reflections afterwards were positive with students talking about the importance of planning, listening to all ideas, allowing others the chance to learn/share/lead and showing empathy towards their peers. 

What an awesome start to term 3!


  1. This is awesome. Finally we have a class blog up and running! Fantastic job!

  2. Thanks Reid and Nicole - Love the Trust License System