Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Week 3/4

The last 2 weeks have been very busy for LC4. Projects have occupied a lot of independent time and have been supported by a number of workshops to assist the children with some great learning, we're looking forward to sharing these with you very soon.

We are also preparing for the next immersion and project phase that will be centred on Effective Communication. Our school curriculum team has been meeting to decide which aspects of the NZ Curriculum we will focus on, what learning the students will cover and what skills they will learn. A key feature of this is the creation of Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions, these can be seen on the Learning Journey walls outside LC4, starting next week. This year we will concentrate on the Health aspect of the Health/PE curriculum, with Enduring Understandings like "Actions, attitudes and behaviours impact and change relationships". The documentation and planning supporting can be seen on the Learning Journey wall.

Fitness and PE workshops
This term we have reintroduced fitness workshops to LC3 and LC4. Workshops are student-led to encourage leadership, organisational skills and ensure that a wide variety of workshops are taking place. Our students then opt into a workshop,  these have included dance/jump jam, 3-tag bullrush, circuits, hula hoops and skipping. "I've liked the all-in-tag and skipping workshops, because it made me feel very warm". There are many reasons to why fitness is necessary, for some it is the actual fitness component, others it is a chance to lead or express themselves, and we have students who need the opportunities to remain active throughout the day and it helps everybody to become more focussed.

On Thursday afternoons we have been taking all students out for PE workshops. Most students go with a Learning Advisor for learning ball skills of passing, kicking and shooting. We also have a group of students that have working along Amy to work on planning their own PE workshops. Please make sure your children have appropriate clothing

Trust License System
The Trust License system has been working well to support learning in LC4. Students are making some excellent choices with their learning and we like the way that it is supporting the dispositional goals for our learners. We have had several students move from the Learners to Restricted License and all of our students have been given something specific to work on to help them work towards the next level.

HPSS Celebrations
LC4 has had two opportunities recently to visit the secondary school. These visits have many benefits for our students and are a special feature of Hobsonville Point School (both the primary and secondary). During both visits we attended student-led workshops/celebrations where they demonstrated their learning from their projects. HPSS students had been learning about making their community safer, so workshops focussed on active transport, disaster preparation, fitness, self-defence and many others. Our students generally like these opportunities and student-led learning can be quite powerful for all those involved, the buzz of what is possible for celebrations was evident when we returned and we hope you'll see greater diversity of celebrations as we reach the conclusion of our projects.

The second visit was to support one of the Learning Hubs at HPSS with fundraising that they were working on for a member of their community. LC4 students had the opportunity to participate in Zorb Football! They loved it! For some there was some apprehension and worry before hand, "I felt like I would throw up because of the rolling...I didn't throw up and it was really fun". The smiles and laughs during and after each game spoke volumes.

Conference notes:
We value the communication with home and the support that families provide children for their learning. You should receive regular updates through the conference note system and these will always have a suggestion for how the family can support learning at home. This term you might have received conference notes from either Lisa or Sarah also, who have both been in LC4 running workshops. Please add comments to the document if you have any questions, comments or it could be something that you have noticed at home that you want us to know about. If you haven't been receiving these or are having trouble accessing them please let us know.

Upcoming events:
Project Celebrations, Wednesday 31st, 10am - 11am
Rippa Rugby 3rd tournament

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