Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Girls only writing group

My Learning Adventures
          By Keira

This term the Girls only Powerful Writing group have been working on some creative writing to enhance our learning. Some of the things we have learnt are: to use Read Write (on the computer), using different web sites and helping each other ideas, feedback and feedforward.

A creative piece of writing I did was my story called, “ The man in the book”. When I was creating this story the first thing I did was we looked at and talked  about some beautiful illustrations and  we brainstormed together. This helped me find tricky and interesting words to use. Some of the ways we got words  were from the Read Write computer program,, friends, adults and

When I started writing I started to use Read write to help me edit and listen to my writing, this has helped me to hear if it makes sense.
When I had finished I got two friends to look at my writing and to read it so they could give me feedback and feedforward.

After I got that feedback and feedforward I used some of  the advice to help me make my story more creative and more interesting. The thing I have found really hard has been working with new and different people that I have not worked with before. The thing that I liked was getting helpful feedforward from my class mates. I am really proud of my writing.

Here is an excerpt of some of my writing:
“ While Raj was walking on a big grassy  hill he found a big humongous shiny blue book….”

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  1. Wow Keira! Well done and what a great use of resources and creative techniques to assist you with your creative writing project. You'll have to show me what Read-Write is as that's a new one for me. Again, very well done and it's great to see some of your hard work published on the school blog.