Monday, 7 November 2016

Week 3 & 4 happenings

Emotion and our senses
Over the past three weeks we have created a ‘sensory’ room in LC4, a space where the visual, audio and olfactory setting has changed every couple of days. This is to encourage students to think about how their environment influences their emotions. What we feel can be influenced by what our senses are taking in and what we hear, see, taste, smell, can provide us with information on how to feel.
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Blue room: “Feels like I am in the future”, “calm”, “soothing”
Red room: “Makes me feel crushed”
Coffee: “Reminds of of the time I gave it to my Dad for his birthday”, “mornings”
Thyme: “Feels like summer”
Water sounds: “Relaxing and annoying at the same time”

Digital Citizenship

The immersion in week 3 was around confident and positive engagement with digital technology. We introduced some safety information to help the students get the best out of the internet and stay safe online. We talked about not giving out personal information when we are chatting online, not meeting up with strangers we’ve been in touch with online and not opening emails or files from people we don’t know. We also talked about telling a parent or trusted adult if something is happening online that makes us feel uncomfortable.  

If you want to give yourself an online quiz, check out:

Here are some acronyms the students came up with to remember which personal information not to share online:

Phone number
Email address
Real name

Hotmail or other email address
Address of your house
Phone number
Your full name

Health Kids Challenge

The Healthy Kids Challenge has started! The challenge runs for 5 weeks and in that time students count the number of steps they take each day using their pedometers. We have a team of students adding up the steps each day and calculating the average to record on the Healthy Kids Challenge website. Follow our virtual journey around the world at:

Day of the Dead

Several of our students helped to organise a Day of the Dead celebration on the 31st October. They prepared activities to do throughout the day, dressed up and asked everyone to bring a plate for a shared lunch. Thanks Radha, Clarissa, Martina and others.

Celebrating our writing
One of our writing groups has been working to construct a village that represents them, they shared this with the Learning Common on Friday. Some children have recently produced accordion books or story wheels. These are still up in LC4 if you're child was in one of these groups.

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